3. Protecting Your Network
This chapter describes how to use the basic firewall features of the wireless modem router to
protect your network. The chapter includes:
Protect Access to Your Wireless-N Modem Router
Block Keywords, Sites, and Services
Set Times and Schedule Firewall Services
Enable Security Event Email Notification
Live Parental Controls
Protect Access to Your Wireless-N Modem Router
For security reasons, the wireless modem router has its own user name and password. Also,
after a period of inactivity for a set length of time, the login automatically disconnects. You
can use the following procedures to change the wireless modem router’s password and the
period for the administrator’s login time-out.
Note: The user name and password are not the same as any other user
name or password your might use to log in to your Internet
NETGEAR recommends that you change this password to a more secure password. The
ideal password should contain no dictionary words from any language and should be a
mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Your password can
be up to 30 characters.
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