Protecting Your Network
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Change the Built-In Password
To change the build-in password:
1. In the main menu, under Maintenance, select Set Password.
2. To change the password, first enter the old password, and then enter the new password
3. Click Apply to save your changes.
Note: After changing the password, you are required to log in again to
continue the configuration. If you have backed up the wireless
modem router settings previously, you should do a new backup so
that the saved settings file includes the new password.
Change the Administrator Login Time-Out
For security, the administrator’s login to the wireless modem router configuration times out
after a period of inactivity.
To change the login time-out period:
1. In the Set Password screen, type a number in the Administrator login times out field. The
suggested default value is 5 minutes.
2. Click Apply to save your changes, or click Cancel to keep the current period.
Block Keywords, Sites, and Services
The wireless modem router provides a variety of options for blocking Internet-based content
and communications services. With its content filtering feature, the wireless modem router
prevents objectionable content from reaching your computers. The wireless modem router
allows you to control access to Internet content by screening for keywords within web
addresses. Key content filtering options include:
Keyword blocking of HTTP traffic.
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