Protecting Your Network
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Outbound service blocking. Limits access from your LAN to Internet locations or services
that you specify as off-limits.
Denial of service (DoS) protection. Automatically detects and thwarts denial of service
(DoS) attacks such as Ping of Death, SYN flood, LAND Attack, and IP spoofing.
Blocking unwanted traffic from the Internet to your LAN.
Block Sites
To block keywords and sites:
1. In the main menu, under Content Filtering, select Block Sites:
2. To enable keyword blocking, select one of the following:
Per Schedule. Turn on keyword blocking according to the settings in the Schedule
Always. Turn on keyword blocking all the time, independent of the Schedule screen.
3. Enter a keyword or domain in the Keyword field, click Add Keyword, and then click Apply.
Some examples of keyword application follow:
If the keyword XXX is specified, the URL http://www.badstuff.com/xxx.html is blocked.
If the keyword .com is specified, only websites with other domain suffixes (such as
.edu or .gov) can be viewed.
Enter a period (.) to block all Internet browsing access.
Up to 32 entries are supported in the Keyword list.
4. To delete a keyword or domain, select it from the list, click Delete Keyword, and then click
5. To specify a trusted user, enter that computer’s IP address in the Trusted IP Address field,
and click Apply.
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