Protecting Your Network
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Enable Security Event Email Notification
To receive logs and alerts by email, you need to provide your email information in the E-mail
screen and specify which alerts you would like to receive and how often.
In the main menu, under Security, select E-mail. The E-mail screen displays.
You can make the following selections:
Turn E-mail Notification On. Select this check box if you want to receive email logs and
alerts from the wireless modem router.
Your Outgoing Mail Server. Enter the name or IP address of your ISP’s outgoing
(SMTP) mail server (such as mail.myISP.com). You might be able to find this information
in the configuration settings of your email program.
Send to This E-mail Address. Enter the email address to which logs and alerts are sent.
This email address is also used as the From address. If you leave this field blank, log and
alert messages are not sent through email.
My mail server requires authentication. If you use an outgoing mail server provided by
your current ISP, you do not need to select this check box. If you use an email account
that is not provided by your ISP, select this check box, and enter the required user name
and password information.
Send Alert immediately. Select this check box if you would like immediate notification of
a significant security event, such as a known attack, port scan, or attempted access to a
blocked site.
Send logs according to this schedule. Specifies how often to send the logs: Hourly,
Daily, Weekly, or When Full.
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