Protecting Your Network
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
-Day for sending log
Specifies which day of the week to send the log. Relevant when the log is sent weekly.
-Time for sending log
Specifies the time of day to send the log. Relevant when the log is sent daily or
If the Weekly, Daily, or Hourly option is selected and the log fills up before the specified
period, the log is automatically emailed to the specified email address. After the log is
sent, it is cleared from the wireless modem router’s memory. If the wireless modem router
cannot email the log file, the log buffer might fill up. In this case, the wireless modem
router overwrites the log and discards its contents.
Live Parental Controls
NETGEAR Live Parental Controls, powered by OpenDNS, is a router-based web filtering
solution available on NETGEAR Wireless-N router and gateway products. Designed to
protect you from identity theft and scams, Live Parental Control blocks up to 50 categories of
Internet content.
Live Parental Controls helps keep your family safe online, but like all web filtering tools, it is
not perfect. NETGEAR reminds you there is no substitute for keeping the family computer in
a common area and in plain sight where you can monitor the websites your kids are visiting,
and taking caution when visiting websites requesting personal or financial information.
Download Live Parental Controls from this website: http://www.netgear.com/lpc
Web-Based Access
Live Parental Controls is the first to allow parents or network administrators to manage
settings while away from home or office. This is particularly convenient when access
exceptions need to be made. And since settings are stored on the web, using a browser
interface to manage them is not difficult at all.
Total Home Protection
Live Parental Controls protects all Internet-connected devices through the router. It protects
not only computers, but also set-top boxes, iPhones, iPods, and gaming consoles that are
attached to your network. You no longer need to worry about phones and gaming consoles
not being protected when kids use them in their own rooms. Even guest computers
accessing the Internet through your network are protected.
Flexible Settings
You might have your own computer, or you might be sharing a computer with other members
in the family. Default and settings for individual users allow you to customize configuration for
different computing arrangements and personalize the settings for each person. Setting
according to time allow Internet access during scheduled time slots to help manage the
balance between work and play.
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