Managing Your Network
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
If the wireless modem router discovers a newer version of firmware, the message on the left
displays. If no new firmware is available, the message on the right displays.
To upgrade, click Yes to allow the wireless modem router to download and install the new
When uploading firmware to the wireless modem router, do not
interrupt the web browser by closing the window, clicking a link,
or loading a new page. If the browser is interrupted, it could
corrupt the firmware.
When the upload is complete, your wireless modem router automatically restarts. The
upgrade process could take a few minutes. Read the new firmware release notes to
determine whether you need to reconfigure the wireless modem router after upgrading.
Manually Check for Firmware Upgrades
You can use the Router Upgrade screen to manually check the NETGEAR website for newer
versions of firmware for your product.
To manually check for new firmware and install it on your wireless modem router:
1. On the main menu, under Maintenance, select Router Status. Note the version number
of your wireless modem router firmware.
2. Go to the DGN2200M Mobile Edition support page on the NETGEAR website at
3. If the firmware version on the NETGEAR website is newer than the firmware on your
wireless modem router, download the file to your computer.
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