Managing Your Network
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
View Statistics
On the Router Status screen, click the Show Statistics button to display wireless modem
router usage statistics.
The Show Statistics screen displays the following statistics:
Wireless Port Name (SSID) The service set ID, also known as the wireless network name for WLAN.
Region The country where the unit is set up for use.
Channel The current channel, which determines the operating frequency.
Wireless AP Indicates if the access point feature is enabled for WLAN. If disabled, the
WiFi LED on the front panel is off.
Indicates if the wireless modem router is configured to broadcast its SSID
for WLAN.
Table 7. Router Statistics fields
Field Description
WAN, LAN, or WLAN The statistics for the WAN (Internet), LAN (local), and wireless LAN (WLAN)
ports. For each port, the screen displays the following:
Status The link status of the port.
TxPkts The number of packets transmitted on this port since reset or manual clear.
RxPkts The number of packets received on this port since reset or manual clear.
Collisions The number of collisions on this port since reset or manual clear.
Tx B/s The current line utilization—percentage of current bandwidth used on this
Table 6. Router Status fields (continued)
Field Description
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