Managing Your Network
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
View the Connection Status
On the Router Status screen, click the Connection Status button to display wireless modem
router connection status.
This screen shows the following statistics:
Rx B/s The average line utilization for this port.
Up Time The time elapsed since the last power cycle or reset.
ADSL Link Downstream
or Upstream
The statistics for the upstream and downstream ADSL link. These statistics
will be of interest to your technical support representative if you are having
problems obtaining or maintaining a connection.
Connection Speed Typically, the downstream speed is faster than the upstream speed.
Line Attenuation The line attenuation increases the farther you are physically from your ISP’s
WAN, LAN, or WLAN The statistics for the WAN (Internet), LAN (local), and wireless LAN (WLAN)
ports. For each port, the screen displays the following:
Status The link status of the port.
Table 8. Connection Status fields (PPPoE network type example)
Field Description
Connection Time The time elapsed since the last connection to the Internet through the ADSL
Connecting to sender The connection status.
Negotiation Success or Failed.
Table 7. Router Statistics fields (continued)
Field Description
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