USB Storage
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
The USB port on the wireless modem router can be used with one USB hard drive at a
time. Do not attempt to use a USB hub attached to the USB port.
According to the USB 2.0 specification, the maximum available power is 5V at 0.5A.
Some USB devices might exceed this requirement, in which case the device might not
function or might function erratically. Check the documentation for your USB device to be
The wireless modem router supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS (read-only), and Linux file
File-Sharing Scenarios
You can share files on the USB drive for a wide variety of business and recreational
purposes. The files can be any Windows, Mac, or Linux file type including text files, Word,
PowerPoint, Excel, MP3, pictures, and multimedia. USB drive applications include:
Sharing multimedia with friends and family. You can share MP3 files, pictures, and other
multimedia with local and remote users.
Sharing resources on your network. Store files in a central location so that you do not
have to power up a computer to perform local sharing. In addition, you can share files
between Macintosh, Linux, and Windows computers by using the USB drive as a
Sharing files with offsite coworkers. Share files such as Word documents, PowerPoint
presentations, and text files with remote users.
A few common uses are described in the following sections.
Share Photos with Friends and Family
You can create your own central storage location for photos and multimedia. This eliminates
the need to log in to (and pay for) an external photo-sharing site.
To share files with your friends and family:
1. Insert your USB drive into the USB port on the wireless modem router either directly or
with a USB cable.
Computers on your local area network (LAN) can access this USB drive using a web
browser or Microsoft Networking.
2. If you want to specify read-only access, or to allow access from the Internet, see Configure
USB Storage Advanced Settings on page 70.
Store Files in a Central Location for Printing
This scenario is for a family that has one high-quality color printer directly attached to a
computer, but not shared on the local area network (LAN). This family does not have a print
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