USB Storage
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
The family’s color printer is directly attached to the mother’s computer.
The daughter has some photos on her Macintosh computer that she wants to print.
Their computers are not visible to each other on the network.
To print her photos on the color printer:
1. The daughter types \\readyshare in the address field of her web browser.
This gives her access to the USB drive in the router.
2. She copies the photos from the Mac to the router USB drive.
3. The mother uses a her web browser or Microsoft Networking to transfer the files from the
USB drive to her computer. Then she prints the files.
Share Large Files with Colleagues
Sending files larger than 5 MB can pose a problem for many email systems. The router
allows you to share very large files such as PowerPoint presentations or .zip files with
colleagues at another site. Rather than tying up their mail systems will large files, your
colleagues can use FTP to easily download shared files from the wireless modem router.
To share files with a remote colleague:
1. To protect your network, set up security. Create a user name and password for the
colleague with appropriate access.
2. If you want to limit USB drive access to read-only access, from the wireless modem router
USB Storage (Basic Settings) screen, click Edit a Network folder. In the Write Access field,
select admin, and then click Apply.
Note: The password for admin is the same one that you use to access the
wireless modem router. By default it is password.
3. Enable FTP via Internet in the USB Storage (Advanced Settings) screen. See Configure
USB Storage Advanced Settings on page 70.
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