USB Storage
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
USB Storage Basic Settings
You can view or edit basic settings for the USB storage device attached to your wireless
modem router. On the wireless modem router main menu under USB, select Basic Settings.
The following screen displays:
By default, the USB storage device is available to all computers on your local area network
(LAN). To access your USB device from this screen, you can click the network or device
name or the share name.
Network or device name:
Share name:
You can also type \\readyshare in the address field of your web browser. If you logged in to
the wireless modem router before you connected your USB device, you might not see your
USB device in the wireless modem router screens until you log out and then log in again.
Table 9. USB Storage (Basic Settings)
Fields and buttons Description
Network Device Name The default is \\readyshare. This is the name used to access the
USB device connected to the wireless modem router.
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