Advanced Configuration
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
The Destination IP Address and IP Subnet Mask fields specify that this static route applies
to all 134.177.x.x addresses.
The Gateway IP Address field specifies that all traffic for these addresses should be
forwarded to the ISDN router at
The value in the Metric field represents the number of routers between your network and
the destination. This is a direct connection, so it can be set to the minimum value of 2.
The Private check box is selected only as a precautionary security measure in case RIP is
Configure Static Routes
To add a static route:
1. In the main menu, under Advanced, select Static Routes.
2. Click Add to open the Static Routes screen.
3. Enter a route name for this static route in the Route Name field. This name is for
identification purpose only.
4. Select Private if you want to limit access to the LAN only. The static route will not be
reported in RIP.
5. Select Active to make this route effective.
6. Enter the IP address of the final destination.
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