If the path is functioning correctly, messages display that are similar to those shown in Test the LAN Path to
Your Router on page 188.
3. If you do not receive replies, check the following:
Check that IP address of your router is listed as the default gateway for your computer. If DHCP assigns
the IP configuration of your computers, this information is not visible in your computer Network Control
Panel. Verify that the IP address of the router is listed as the default gateway.
Check to see that the network address of your computer (the portion of the IP address specified by the
subnet mask) is different from the network address of the remote device.
Check that your cable or DSL modem is connected and functioning.
If your ISP assigned a host name to your computer, enter that host name as the account name on the
Internet Setup page.
Your ISP might be rejecting the Ethernet MAC addresses of all but one of your computers.
Many broadband ISPs restrict access by allowing traffic only from the MAC address of your broadband modem.
Some ISPs additionally restrict access to the MAC address of a single computer connected to that modem. If
your ISP does this, configure your router to “clone” or “spoof” the MAC address from the authorized computer.
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