band, they must share the bandwidth. If four devices connect, then the router divides its 640 Mbps capacity by 5,
as shown in the following figure.
Figure 7. Dual-band WiFi network with one 5 GHz WiFi band
That means that in the network shown, a computer with a 1,300 Mbps capacity provides an effective WiFi connection
speed of 160 Mbps (13005 ), and other devices would also see their WiFi speeds divided by 5.
Tri-band WiFi adds a second 5 GHz WiFi band to the network. This increases the available WiFi bandwidth, which
can be compared to widening the road. In addition to widening the road, using two 5 GHz bands means that the
router has dedicated 5 GHz bands. That’s like tri-band WiFi connections using two lanes in the wider road instead
of one. The router automatically uses Smart Connect to allocate the fastest devices to the fast lane.
Tri-Band WiFi Connections
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