Figure 9. Load balancing
Slower devices like printers, older computers, or IP cameras connect to the 2.4 GHz band. The presence of two 5
GH bands prevents overloading when many devices use WiFi at the same time.
Benefits of Tri-Band WiFi
The tri-band WiFi network outperforms the dual-band network in several ways:
More bandwidth is available.
Even with more devices connected to the network, because the connections are spread across two different
bands, each device gets a larger share of the available WiFi bandwidth.
Smart Connect directs WiFi traffic to the appropriate lane.
With Smart Connect, older devices do not slow down faster devices.
The router uses load balancing to avoid network congestion in each WiFi band.
With load balancing, you don’t need to share your WiFi connection with as many devices.
Smart Connect
Smart Connect balances your 5 GHz WiFi connections into two different radio bands: the 5 GHz radio 1 band and
the 5 GHz radio 2 band. The router uses Smart Connect to choose the best radio band for your device to give you
the best WiFi performance.
Tri-Band WiFi Connections
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