Manage Your Network
N600 WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
-Download only. The restriction is applied to incoming traffic only.
-Both Directions. The restriction is applied to both incoming and outgoing traffic.
Select the Connection time control radio button and enter the allowed hours in the
Monthly limit field.
7. If your ISP charges for extra data volume when you make a new connection, enter the extra
data volume in MB in the Round up data volume for each connection by field.
8. In the Traffic Counter section, set the traffic counter to begin at a specific time and date.
To start the traffic counter immediately, click the Restart Counter Now button.
9. In the Traffic Control section, specify whether the router should issue a warning message
before the monthly limit of Mbytes or hours is reached.
By default, the value is 0 and no warning message is issued. You can select one of the
following to occur when the limit is attained:
The Internet LED blinks.
The Internet connection is disconnected and disabled.
10. Click the Apply button.
The Internet Traffic Statistics section helps you to monitor the data traffic.
11. To update the Traffic Statistics section, click the Refresh button.
12. To display more information about the data traffic on your router and to change the poll
interval, click the Traffic Status button.
Custom Static Routes
Typically, you do not need to add static routes unless you use multiple routers or multiple IP
subnets on your network.
As an example of when a static route is needed, consider the following case:
Your main Internet access is through a cable modem to an ISP.
Your home network includes an ISDN router for connecting to the company where you
are employed. This router’s address on your LAN is
Your company’s network address is
When you set up your router, two implicit static routes were created. A default route was
created with your ISP as the gateway, and a second static route was created to your local
network for all 192.168.1.x addresses. With this configuration, if you try to access a device on
the network, your router forwards your request to the ISP. The ISP forwards your
request to the company where you are employed, and the company firewall is likely to deny
the request.
In this case you must define a static route, telling your router to access through
the ISDN router at Here is an example:
The Destination IP Address and IP Subnet Mask fields specify that this static route
applies to all 134.177.x.x addresses.
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