Share a USB Printer
N600 WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
After the InstallShield Wizard completes the installation, the NETGEAR USB Control
Center prompts you to select a language.
3. Select a language from the menu and click the OK button.
Some firewall software, such as Comodo, blocks NETGEAR USB Control Center from
accessing the USB printer. If you do not see the USB printer displayed in the screen, you
can disable the firewall temporarily to allow the utility to work.
4. Select the printer and click the Connect button.
The printer status changes to Manually connected by Mycomputer. Now only your
computer can use the printer.
5. Click the Disconnect button.
The status changes to Available. Now all computers on the network can use the printer.
6. To exit the utility, select System > Exit.
Use the Shared Printer
For each computer, after you click the Connect and Disconnect buttons once, the utility
automatically manages the printing queue. By default, the utility starts automatically
whenever you log on to Windows and runs in the background.
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