LED Description
WiFi On/O
button with LED
Pressing this button for two seconds turns the WiFi radios
in the modem router on and o. If this LED is lit, the WiFi
radios are on. If this LED is o, the WiFi radios are turned o
and you cannot use WiFi to connect to the modem router.
WPS button with
This button lets you use WPS to join the WiFi network
without typing the WiFi password. The WPS LED blinks
during this process and then lights solid.
Install Your Modem Router
¾To install your modem router:
1. Connect a coaxial cable.
Use a coaxial cable that is provided by your cable company to
connect the cable port on the modem router to a cable wall
outlet or a line splitter.
Note: For Xfinity cable Internet service, Comcast Xfinity recommends
connecting your modem router to a cable wall outlet.
2. Connect the power adapter to the modem router and plug the
power adapter into an electrical outlet.
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