Before you call Comcast Xfinity, make sure that your account
number, account phone number, email address, and password are
nearby. The modem router’s model number is C7000. The serial
number and MAC address are on the product label.
¾To set up your Internet connection by calling Comcast
1. Call Comcast Xfinity customer service at 1-800-XFINITY
2. When asked, provide your account information and provide the
modem router’s model number and MAC address.
3. Wait for the Comcast Xfinity representative to confirm that
your modem router is active.
4. If you do not get an Internet connection with the modem
router, ask the Comcast Xfinity representative to look for your
modem router online, and do one of the following depending
on what the Comcast Xfinity representative tells you about your
modem router:
If the modem router is not visible, the Comcast Xfinity
representative can give you instructions to verify why the
modem router does not connect with your high-speed
Internet service.
If the modem router is visible to the Comcast Xfinity
representative, reboot the modem router. Check your
online status again.
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