10 PSS-A50 Owner’s Manual
You can record your performance (Phrase Recording). Note that the previously recorded data will be
erased since only one recording is available.
Press [REC].
To exit from Record-
ing Standby mode,
press [REC] again.
Start recording
Play the keyboard to
start recording.
You can also start
recording by press-
ing [/].
Stop recording
Press [REC].
Press [/].
(Recording Standby)
(Dot flashes with beat)
[SHIFT] button
• Sets the various setting of the instru-
ment (page 12: keyboard settings)
Selects the function boxed. (TYPE of
Motion Effect; , PORTA-
• When recording capacity becomes full during recording, a “FUL” message appears on the display and recording is stopped.
• You can start a Phrase at a desired speed by simply tapping the [TEMPO/TAP] button four times for time signatures in 4 (such as
4/4) or three times for time signatures in 3 (such as 3/4).
Time Signature
When recording the Phrase used for Repeat Playback (page
11), set the Time Signature during the Recording Standby
mode (“rEC” indication.) If you recorded with a wrong Time
Signature, unwanted silence may be inserted during the
repeats since the Phrase is repeated in measures. The Time
Signature can be set from “Metronome” on page 12. (The
default setting is 4/4.) You can use the metronome while
recording, but the metronome will not be recorded.
Motion Effect
While holding down the [MOTION EFFECT] but-
ton, Motion Effect applies to the notes you play.
Motion Effect has three types A, B and C, and
correspondingly changes the Filter, Pitch, and/or
Modulation of the sound over time. Each type
has around 10 variations.
Selecting a Desired Type
While holding down the [SHIFT] button, each
press of the [MOTION EFFECT] button selects
the type in order (A01, A02, etc.).
• To jump to the top of the A, B or C type in order, hold
down the [MOTION EFFECT] button while holding
down the [SHIFT] button.
• Certain combinations of a specific Voice, octave and
type may generate noise.
Selected type and number will
be shown.
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