Configuring the VoIP connection
Registering with the Web configurator
The web page is reloaded in the selected language. This may take some time.
¤If you want to change the interface lan-
guage of the Web configurator, click on
the list icon.
¤Select the appropriate language from
the list of available languages.
Please note
The Web configurator web pages for the required language are loaded onto the base
from the configuration server. For this reason, you can only change the language if your
device is connected to the Internet.
Please note
To register with the Web configurator, you will need the system PIN for the phone
(default setting: 0000).
§§1§§ Enter your phone's four-digit system
PIN in the bottom field.
§§2§§ Select the OK button.
The PIN is still set to 0000:
¤In the next window containing the
security information, click on OK.
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