Configuring the VoIP connection
A web page for configuring the first VoIP connection is displayed.
If the provider data has loaded successfully, the message Provider data has been down-
loaded. is displayed.
¤Select OK.
First load the general pro-
vider data onto your base.
¤To do this, click on the
Select VoIP Provider
button and then on
Next> on the following
web page.
¤Click on the list icon
and select the country
in which you are using
your phone from the
¤Select Next>.
¤Click on the list icon
and select your VoIP
provider from the list.
¤Select Finish.
If your VoIP provider is not
included in the list, select
Other Provider.
Please note
If your provider supports "automatic configuration", you will receive a "configuration code" from
your provider instead of an authentication name and password. Enter this code in the Auto Config-
uration Code field and click on the Start Auto Configuration button.
Configuration is performed automatically. Proceed as described under Completing configuration
(£Page 14).
¤Enter the access data
you received from your
VoIP provider in the
Personal Provider
Data fields.
¤Select the Set button.
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