Configuring the VoIP connection
If you specified Other Provider when selecting your provider, you need to enter the pro-
vider data yourself before saving.
¤To do this, click on the Show Advanced Settings button.
If you require assistance in filling in the information, please consult the online help docu-
ment. This will open when you click on the question mark to the top right of the web
Completing configuration
The list of all available connections for your phone is displayed again.
uIf the Status column is showing as Registered, you have successfully completed the
uIf this is not showing as Registered, check your entries (upper/lower case) and the
cable connection to the Internet. Please also refer to the information in the online help
In order to make calls via the configured VoIP connection, you will need to register at least
one handset to the base.
You can only make calls via the VoIP connection if it has been assigned to a registered
handset as a send connection. You will be able to receive calls via the VoIP connection as
soon as a handset has been registered to the base.
If the Active option next to
IP1 is still not activated
(you do not see a tick):
¤Click on the option.
¤Press <F5> to refresh
the page.
Please note
You can use the full range of base functions with all Gigaset C59H, C610H, SL78H,
SL400H, S79H and S810H handsets.
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