Assigning the send/receive connections
Assigning the send/receive connections
Registering the handset
You must register the handset on both the handset (a) and the base (b).
a. On the handset
¤Start the registration procedure on the handset in accordance with the handset's user
A message usually appears on the display stating that the handset is searching for a base
that is ready for registration.
b. On the base
¤Press and hold the registration/paging key on the base (approx. 3 seconds) within 60
Once the handset has located the base, you will be asked to enter the base system PIN.
¤Enter the four-digit system PIN for your base on the handset (default is 0000).
Once registration is complete, the handset returns to idle status. The handset's internal
number is shown in the display, e.g., INT 1. If not, repeat the procedure.
All base connections are assigned to the handset as receive connections as soon as regis-
tration is complete (incoming calls are signalled on the handset and can be answered).
The first configured connection is assigned to the handset as a send connection.
You can change this assignment.
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