Assigning the send/receive connections
Changing the assignment of a handset connection
Assign the VoIP connection (or the corresponding phone number) to a handset as a send
and/or receive connection.
To do this in the Web configurator:
A list of all base connections for each registered handset is displayed on the following
web page. The active options indicate which connections are assigned to each handset
as a send and receive connection.
§§1§§ Activate the connection option that the handset is to use for outgoing calls (send con-
§§2§§ Deactivate the connection options that are not to be used as receive connections by
the handset.
Instead of a fixed send connection, you can also activate the Select line for each outgo-
ing call option. You will then be able to select the send connection for each call from the
list of base connections on the handset.
¤Click on Number Assignment in the navigation area (to
the left of the web page).
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