Making calls
Completing configuration and number assignment
¤Click on Set to complete the number assignment.
¤Click on Log Off (top right-hand side of the web page) to log out of the Web configu-
Making calls
¤Enter a phone number using your handset's number keys.
Please note that, even with local calls, you must always dial the area code for calls via
VoIP (provider-dependent).
¤Press the accept key.
¤If you have assigned the handset a fixed send connection, the number will be dialled
via this send connection.
¤If you have assigned the handset Select line for each outgoing call, the list of connec-
tions for your phone will be displayed (IP1, IP2 etc.).
¤Select a send connection and press the accept key; the number will be dialled via the
selected send connection.
You can configure five additional VoIP connections (VoIP phone
numbers) on your Gigaset.
The long user guide for your phone (see enclosed CD) contains
detailed information on setting up the device, configuring new
connections and operating the phone, as well as possible solu-
tions to frequently asked questions and common problems.
Please note
To ensure that you can always be reached via the Internet, the router must be perma-
nently connected to the Internet.
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