Package contents
Package contents
§§1§§ Gigaset N510 IP PRO base
§§2§§ Power adapter for connecting the base to the mains power supply
§§3§§ Ethernet (LAN) cable for connecting the base to the router/switch (LAN/Internet)
§§4§§ This quick guide and CD with installation wizard for your telephone, licence texts, war-
ranty agreement, links to the long user guide and to key websites.
If the firmware for your base is updated, the user guide will also be updated and made
available for download on the Internet at www.gigaset.com.
Gigaset pro: http://gigaset.com/pro
Gigaset pro Wiki: http://gigaset.com/pro/wiki
Product: http://gigaset.com/pro/GIGASETN510IPPRO
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