Connecting the base
Connecting the PC to the router (optional)
You can change the settings on the phone's base using a PC connected to your phone via the
>Connect the PC network connection to a free LAN socket on your router.
The procedure below requires that your phone is automatically assigned an IP address by the
router (i.e., DHCP is enabled on router and phone).
In exceptional cases (e.g., if DHCP is not enabled on the router), you will have to assign a fixed IP
address to the base for LAN access. You must enter this IP address on the handset before carrying
out the following steps. Further information can be found in the user guide on the enclosed CD.
The following handset menu can be used to make the entry:
w (press right on the control key) ¢Ï ¢System ¢Local Network ¢(enter system PIN if
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