Configuring the VoIP connection
Starting the configuration process
When your handset is sufficiently charged (approx. 20 minutes after you have placed it in the
charger), the message key f on the handset flashes.
Starting the IP assistant
>Press the message key f on the handset.
If "New firmware available" is shown in the display, updated firmware is already available for
your phone. Press the right-hand display key §Yes§. The new firmware is loaded. This takes approx.
6 minutes. The message key f will now flash again.
>Press the message key f to start configuration.
>Press the key below §Yes§ on the display
(= right display key).
>Press the down of the control key w to
scroll down.
>Press the §OK§ display key to continue.
If the connection assistant does not start correctly, or if you cancel the connection assistant, you
can start it via the following menu on the handset:
w(press right) ¢Ï ¢Telephony ¢VoIP Wizard
Start IP
No Yes
IP assistant
helps you to
configure an IP
Back VOK
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