Configuring the VoIP connection
Entering an auto-configuration code
Selecting a provider and loading provider data to the base
The general access data for your VoIP provider will be downloaded and saved on the phone.
>Enter your auto-configuration code using the keypad
(max. 32 characters).
>Press the right-hand display key §OK§.
All data required for VoIP telephony is loaded directly from
the Internet to your phone.
Following successful download, IP account is registered is
shown in the display.
Proceed as described under .
>Select your country with the control
key w (press down arrow).
>Press the display key §OK§.
>Select your provider with the control
key w (press down arrow).
>Press the display key §OK§.
If your provider is not in the list, you must cancel the VoIP assistant:
>Press and hold the end call key a to return your handset to idle status.
>Perform the configuration and the assignment of the send and receive connection using the
Web configurator. You will find more detailed information about this in the user guide on the
enclosed CD.
Enter auto
conf. code:
Del OK
Select Country:
Back OK
Select Provider:
Provider 2
Back OK
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