Assigning the send/receive connection
Instead of a fixed connection, you can also select Select at each call. Each time you make a call, you
must then select the connection you wish to use.
You can go on to start the connection assistant for each additional handset registered to the base.
The following is displayed in sequence for each handset:
Assign connect. to INT1?
>Perform steps a. to f. (see above) for each registered handset.
Completing the installation
After successfully configuring the settings, Connec. assign. completed is displayed briefly. After-
wards, the handset returns to idle status (an example of the display in idle status):
You can configure five additional VoIP connections (VoIP phone numbers) on
your Gigaset. In the user guide on the enclosed CD, you will find detailed infor-
mation about setting up, configuring new connections and operating your
phone, as well as possible solutions to frequently asked questions and problems.
To ensure that you can always be reached via the Internet, the router must be permanently
connected to the Internet.
The following are displayed:
Reception between the base and the handset:
good to low: Ш§¦, no reception: ¥
Charge status of the batteries:
=eVU (flat to full)
=Battery almost empty (less than 10 minutes talktime)
= e V V (charging)
INT 1: Internal name of the handset
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