Keys and functions on the handset
Display keys:
Start function displayed to the left or right of the
bottom display line.
c Talk/Handsfree key:
Accept a call
After entering number: start dialling
Switch between earpiece and handsfree mode
(key lights up)
w Control key:
Mute microphone (press right)
Open directory (press down)
Open list of online directories (press down and hold)
Scroll through menus (press up/down)
Navigate in text
a End call key, on/off key:
End call, cancel function (press briefly)
Return to idle status (press and hold)
Switch handset on/off (press and hold)
1 Fast access key (press and hold):
Listen to messages on the network mailbox
P * key: Ring tone on/off (press and hold)
# # key: Keypad lock on/off (press and hold);
toggles between upper/lower case and digits
f Message key: Open call and message lists
S Consultation/pause key (fixed line)
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