Connecting the base
Connecting the base station to the router (Internet)
Data protection notice
When the device is connected to the router, it automatically contacts the Gigaset support server to make it
easier for you to configure the devices and to enable communication with the Internet services.
For this purpose, every device sends the following device-specific information once every day:
>Serial number/item number
>MAC address
>Private IP address for the Gigaset in the LAN/its port numbers
>Device name
>Software version
On the support server, this information is linked to the existing device-specific information:
>Gigaset.net phone number
>System-related/device-specific passwords
Further information about the Gigaset.net service data saved can be found on the Internet at:
Connect one Ethernet cable plug to the
LAN socket at the side of the base.
Insert the second Ethernet cable plug
into a LAN socket on the router.
Use the Ethernet cable supplied.
As soon as the cable connecting the phone and router is
plugged in and the router is switched on, the button lights
up on the front of the base (paging button).
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