Getting started
Registering the handset
The registration process depends on the base.
uAutomatically registering the Gigaset C430-C430A
handset to base station:
¤Place the handset in the base.
If automatic registration does not work, the handset will
have to be registered manually.
uManually registering the handset:
You must initiate registration on the handset and on
the base. Both must be carried out within 60 secs.
¤On the base: Press and hold (min. 3 secs) the
Registration/paging key.
¤On the handset, press the display key Register.
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Registration ¤ OK ¤ Register Handset ¤ OK
Display shows: Searching for a base in registration mode. The connection to the base will be
established; this may take some time.
¤ Enter the system PIN if required (factory setting: 0000). ¤ OK
When registering, the display screen shows: Handset is registering
After registering successfully, the display screen shows: Handset registered
Your handset can be registered on up to four bases. To see how to use your handset with
multiple bases and de-register a handset, refer to the user guide for the base.
Please register
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