Getting to know your phone
Getting to know your phone
Switching the handset on/off
¤Press and hold the End call key a in idle status to switch the handset on or off.
Locking/unlocking the keypad
The keypad lock prevents any accidental use of the phone. If you press a key when the keypad is
locked, a message is displayed.
¤Press and hold the # key to lock or unlock the keypad.
If a call is signalled on the handset, the keypad automatically unlocks. and you can accept the
call. It then locks again when the call is finished.
Control key
In the description below, the side of the control key (up, down, right, left,
middle) that you have to press in the different operating situations is marked
in black, e.g. v for "press right on the control key".
The control key allows you to navigate within menus and entry fields. In idle
status or during an external call, it has the following functions:
When the handset is in idle status
s Open the phonebook.
v or wOpen the main menu.
u Open list of handsets.
tBring up the menu for setting the handset's call volume (¢ page 19).
During an external call
s Open the phonebook.
u Initiate an internal consultation call.
tAdjust the loudspeaker volume for earpiece and handsfree mode.
Functions when pressing the centre of the control key
The key has different functions, depending on the operating situation.
uIn idle status, it opens the main menu.
uIn submenus, selection and entry fields, the key takes on the function of the display keys
OK, Yes, Save, Select or Change.
These instructions demonstrate opening the main menu by pressing the right of the control
key and confirming the functions by pressing the appropriate display key. However, if you
prefer, you can also press the middle of the control key.
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