Getting to know your phone
Display keys
The display keys have a function preset by default in idle status, but the keys can be re-assigned
(¢ page 25).
The functions of the display keys change depending on the operating situation.
Some of the important display keys are:
Options Open a menu for further functions.
OK Confirm selection.
Back Skip back one menu level or cancel operation.
Save Save entry.
Overview of icons on the display keys (¢ page 36).
Menu guidance
The functions of your telephone are displayed on a menu that consists of several levels. Menu
overview ¢ page 37.
Main menu (first menu level)
¤When the handset is in idle status, press right on the control key v to open the main menu.
The main menu functions are shown in the display as icons. The
icon for the selected function is highlighted and the name of
the associated function appears in the display header.
Accessing a function, i.e. opening the corresponding submenu
(next menu level):
¤Use the control key p to navigate to the required function
and press the display key OK.
Returning to idle status: Briefly press the display key Back or
End call key a.
Back Save
Current display key functions
Display keys
ì Ê
Back OK
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