Getting to know your phone
Entering numbers and text
If several number and/or text fields are displayed (e.g.
First Name and Surname in a phonebook entry), the field is
automatically activated. The following fields must be
activated by navigating with the control key q. A field is
activated when a cursor is blinking inside it.
Correcting incorrect entries
uDeleting characters before the cursor: press the display
key Ñ briefly.
uDeleting words before the cursor: press and hold the
display key Ñ.
Entering text
uLetters/Characters: Multiple letters and characters are assigned to each key between Q
and O. The characters are shown according to the key in a selection line at the bottom left
of the display. The selected character is highlighted. Briefly press the key several times in
succession to select the required letter/character.
uPlacing the cursor: Letters/characters are inserted at the cursor position. You can insert the
cursor by pressing the control key r, or q in fields with multiple characters.
uTyping lower case, upper case and numbers: Press the hash key # to switch between
lower case, upper case or numbers for the following letters.
When editing a phonebook entry, the first letter and each letter following a space is
automatically in upper case.
uSpecial characters: Press the star key * to open the special characters table. Navigate to
the character desired using the star key and press the display key Insert to select it.
uSpecial letters: Umlauts or other marked/diacritic characters can be selected by pressing the
corresponding letter several times. See the character table ¢ page 46.
New Entry
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