Making calls
Making calls
Making an external call
¤Enter number, briefly press the Answer call key c.
¤Press and hold the Answer call key c, enter number.
You can cancel the dialling process with the End call key a.
Dialling with the redial list
The redial list contains the 20 numbers last dialled with the handset. You can manage this
similarly to your phone's message lists (¢ page 16).
¤Press the Answer call key c briefly to open the redial list.
¤q Select entry. ¤ Press the Answer call key c. The number is dialled.
When a name and corresponding phone number are displayed: Press the display key View.
Managing entries in the redial list:
¤ Open redial list. ¤ q Select entry. ¤ Options
You can select the following functions:
uCopy to Directory ¤ OK
Copy an entry to the phonebook (¢ page 28).
uDisplay number ¤ OK
Copy a number into the display and edit it or add to it, then select with c or save as a new
entry in the phonebook with Ó.
uDelete entry ¤ OK
Delete the selected entry.
uDelete all ¤ OK
Delete all entries.
Dialling from the call list
v ¤ Ê ¤ OK ¤ q Select list. ¤ OK
¤ q Select entry. ¤ c
¤ The number is dialled.
uYou can also bring up the call list using the display
key Calls, but you must assign a display key
accordingly (¢ page 25).
uYou can also open the list Missed calls using the
Message key f.
All calls
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