Making calls
Dialling with the phonebook
s ¤ q Select entry. ¤ c
¤ If multiple numbers are entered: Select the number with r and press the Answer call
key c or OK.
¤ The number is dialled.
One touch call
You can set up your phone so that you can dial a specific number when you press any key on the
keyboard. This allows children, who are unable to enter a number, to call a certain number, for
v ¤ É ¤ OK ¤ q One Touch Call ¤ OK
¤ Activation: r On / Off
¤ Call to: Enter or change the number that you wish to dial.
¤ Save
The activated One Touch Call appears on the idle display. The saved number is dialled by press-
ing any key. Press the End call key a to cancel dialling.
Ending one touch call mode:
¤ Press the display key OFF. ¤Press and hold the # key.
¤ Press and hold the # key.
Accepting a call
You have the following options:
¤Press c.
¤If Auto Answer is switched on (¢ page 22), remove the handset from the charging cradle.
Handsfree mode
If you are going to let someone listen in, you should tell the other party that this is happening.
¤Press c.
Placing the handset in the charging cradle during a call:
¤Press and hold c for a further 2 seconds while placing the handset in the charging cradle.
Adjusting the loudspeaker volume
uAccessing the settings via the menu:
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Audio Settings ¤ OK ¤ Handset Volume ¤ OK
¤ Earpiece: r Volume can be set at 5 levels for the earpiece and headset.
¤ Speaker: r Set the volume at 5 levels.
¤ Save
uAccessing the settings during a call for the mode currently in use (handsfree, earpiece, head-
¤ control key t ¤ r.
¤ The setting is saved automatically after 2 seconds or press the display key Save. The screen
reverts back to its previous display.
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