Adjusting the telephone settings
Setting the display backlight
The display backlight is always lit when the handset is not in the base/charging cradle or when
a key is pressed. Any digit keys pressed appear on the display for pre-dialling.
You can also activate/deactivate the display backlight for idle status:
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Display ¤ OK ¤ q Backlight ¤ OK
In Charger: r On / Off
Out of Charger: r On / Off
Activating/deactivating Auto Answer
When set to Auto Answer, the handset accepts an incoming call as soon as you remove it from
the charging cradle.
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Telephony ¤ OK ¤ Auto Answer ¤ Change (³ = activated)
Regardless of the setting Auto Answer, the connection ends as soon as you place the handset
back in the charging cradle. Exception: Press and hold c for a further 2 seconds while placing
the handset in the charging cradle.
Setting earpiece profiles
You can set various profiles for the earpiece to optimally adapt your phone to your environment.
Check which is the most comfortable for you.
Earpiece Profiles: High and Low. The default is Low.
Setting the handset ringtones
Setting the ringtone volume
¤ For internal calls and alarms:
r Volume can be set at 5 levels or crescendo
(increasing volume) for internal calls and anniversaries.
¤ External Calls:
r Volume can be set at 5 levels or crescendo
(increasing volume) for external calls.
¤ Save
The handset's standby time can be significantly reduced if the display backlight is activated.
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Audio Settings ¤ OK ¤ q Earpiece Profiles ¤ OK ¤ q Select
profile ¤ Select (Ø = selected)
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Audio Settings ¤ OK
¤ q Ringtones (Handset) ¤ OK ¤ Volume ¤ OK
For internal calls
and alarms:
< >
External Calls:
Back Save
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