Adjusting the telephone settings
Protection against unwanted calls
Setting time control for external calls
You can specify a time period when you do not want the
telephone to ring.
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Audio Settings ¤ OK
¤ q Ringtones (Handset) ¤ OK ¤ q Time Control ¤ OK
¤ For external calls: r On / Off
If activated:
¤ Suspend ring. from: Enter the start of the period.
¤ Suspend ring. until: Enter the end of the period.
Protection from anonymous callers
You can set your phone so that it doesn't ring for anonymous calls (callers who have withheld
Calling Line Identification). The call is only signalled on the display. The setting only applies to
handsets for which the setting is configured.
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q Audio Settings ¤ OK ¤ q Ringtones (Handset) ¤ OK ¤ q Anon.
Calls Silent ¤ Change (³ = function activated)
Quick access to numbers and functions
The digit keys 2 up to O can be assigned to a number from the phonebook.
The left and right display keys have a function preset by default, but the keys can be re-assigned
(¢ page 25).
You can then dial the number or start the function by simply pressing a key.
Assigning digit keys
Prerequisite: You must assign a number to the digit key.
¤Press and hold the digit key.
Briefly press the digit key. ¤ Press the display key QuickDial.
¤The phonebook opens. ¤ q Select entry. ¤ OK
The entry is saved to the corresponding digit key.
During this period, your phone will continue to ring for numbers to which you have assigned
a VIP ringtone in the phonebook.
If you delete or edit the entry in the phonebook at a later date, this will not affect the
assignment to the number key.
Time Control
For external calls:
Suspend ring. from:
Suspend ring. until:
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