Restoring phone to default setting
Selecting numbers/changing an assignment
Prerequisite: You must have assigned a number to the digit key.
When the handset is in idle status
¤Press and hold the digit key: The number is dialled immediately.
¤Briefly press the digit key: Press the left-hand display key with the number/name
(abbreviated if necessary) to dial the number.
Press the display key Change to change the key assignment, or
press the display key Clear Key to delete the assignment.
Assigning display keys
¤In idle status, press and hold the left or right-hand display key. ¤ The list of possible key
assignments is opened. ¤ q Select entry ¤ OK
Choose from the following functions:
Baby Monitor Set and activate the baby monitor (¢ page 33).
Alarm Clock Set and activate the alarm clock (¢ page 32).
Calendar Open calendar (¢ page 31).
One Touch Call Set up one touch call(¢ page 19).
Redial Show redial list (¢ page 18).
More Functions... You can also choose further functions:
Call Lists Show call list (¢ page 30).
Restoring phone to default setting
You can reset individual modifications to handset settings.
The following are not affected by the reset:
uDate / time,
uRegistration of handsets to the base and the current selection of the base,
uEntries in the calendar and phonebook,
uRedial list.
When resetting the handset (Handset Reset), audio and display settings will be deleted.
Resetting the handset
v ¤ Ï ¤ OK ¤ q System ¤ OK ¤ q Handset Reset ¤ OK ¤ Confirm security prompt
with Yes
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