Multiple handsets
Multiple handsets
Making internal calls
Internal calls to other handsets registered to the same base are free of charge.
u (press briefly) ¤ The list of handsets is opened. Your own handset is marked <. ¤ q
Select the handset or Call all (group call) from the list if required. ¤ c
Holding down u immediately starts a call on all registered handsets.
Internal consultation/internal transfer
You receive a call from an external participant and would like to transfer the call to an internal
participant or wish to consult him/her.
u ¤ The list of handsets is opened. ¤ If more than two handsets are registered to the base,
select one handset or Call all. ¤ c or OK
Holding a consultation call: You are speaking to the internal participant and are returning to
your external call: ¤ Options ¤ q End active call ¤ OK
Transferring an external call: You have two options to transfer the call:
¤Wait until the participant called answers, then hang up:
Press the End call key a.
¤Hang up before the participant calls: Press the End call key a.
If the participant called does not answer of does not transfer the call, end the consultation with
Establishing a conference call/call swapping
You are taking a call while a second call is being held. Both callers are indicated on the display.
¤Call swapping: You can switch between both participants using q.
¤Establishing a three-way conference call: Press Conf.
Ending a conference call: Press End Conf. You are reconnected with the external participant.
You can switch again between both participants using q.
Each of the callers can end their participation in the conference call by pressing the End call key
Accepting/rejecting call waiting
If you get an external call while conducting an internal call, you will hear the call waiting tone. If
the number is transferred, you will see it or the name of the caller on the display.
¤Rejecting a call: ¤ Press the display key Reject.
¤Accepting a call: ¤ Press the display key Accept. You are now speaking to the new caller.
The previous call is placed on hold.
Ending the current call and returning to the call on hold:
¤ Options ¤ q End active call ¤ OK.
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