Call list
Transferring a displayed number to the phonebook
¤ The number is displayed or highlighted.
¤ Press display key Ó or Options ¤ q Copy to Directory. ¤ OK
-¤ <New Entry> ¤ OK ¤ r Select number type. ¤ OK
¤ Complete the entry. ¤ OK
-¤ q Select entry. ¤ OK ¤ r Select number type. ¤ OK
¤ The number is entered or an existing number is overwritten (answer the prompt using
Call list
Your telephone stores calls in various lists. Opening the lists:
uMissed calls list: Message key f ¤ q Missed Calls: ¤ OK
uList selection: v ¤ ʤ OK ¤ q Select list. ¤ OK
The last 20 entries are displayed in the call list.
List entry
The following information is displayed in the list entries:
uThe list type (in the header row)
uIcon for the type of entry:
(Missed calls), (Accepted calls), š (Outgoing calls)
uCaller's number. If the number is stored in the phonebook,
name and number type are displayed instead (ä Phone
(Home), k Phone (Office), l Phone (Mobile)). For missed
calls, the number of missed calls from this number is also
shown in square brackets.
uDate and time of call (if set).
¤ q Select entry. ¤ Options
¤ View: All available information is displayed, e.g. the corre-
sponding number when a name is displayed.
¤ Options: You can delete the entry or transfer the number to the phonebook (¢ page 30).
Calling back a caller from the call list:
¤ q Select entry. ¤ Press the Answer call key c.
All calls
äJames Foster
Today, 18:35
11/06/2013, 18:30
š 0168123477945
10/06/2013, 17:13
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