You can remind yourself of up to 30 appointments.
In the calendar, the current day is outlined in white; on days
with appointments, the numbers are displayed in colour.
When a day is selected, it will be highlighted.
Saving appointments to the calendar
Prerequisite: Date and time are set (¢ page 10).
v ¤ É ¤ OK ¤ Calendar ¤ OK
¤ p Select the desired day. ¤ OK
uAppointments that have already been stored are shown.
<New Entry> ¤ OK opens the window to enter an addi-
tional appointment.
uIf no appointments have been entered, the data input window will open immediately to add
the new appointment.
Activation: r On/Off
The following information can be added:
uDate: The selected day is preset. Enter new data to change.
uTime: Time (hour and minute) of the appointment.
uText: Appointment name (e.g. dinner, meeting).
uSignal: r Select the melody of the reminder signal or deactivate the acoustic signalling.
Signalling of appointments/anniversaries
Anniversaries are transferred from the phonebook and displayed as an appointment. An
appointment/anniversary is displayed in idle status and signalled for 60 seconds with the
selected ringtone.
You can deactivate the reminder call:
¤Press OFF to acknowledge and end the reminder call.
When you are on the phone, a reminder call is indicated on the handset with a single advisory
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