Alarm clock
Displaying missed appointments/anniversaries
The following appointments and anniversaries are stored in the Missed Alarms list:
uThe appointment/anniversary call was not acknowledged.
uThe appointment/anniversary was signalled during a phone call.
uThe handset was switched off at the time of the appointment/anniversary.
The last 10 entries are stored. The icon and the number of new entries are shown in the
display. The most recent entry appears at the head of the list.
To open the list: ¤ Message key f ¤ q Missed Alarms ¤ OK
Or via the menu: v ¤ É ¤ OK ¤ q Missed Alarms ¤ OK
¤ q scroll in the list if required
Information about the appointment/anniversary is displayed. You can:
¤ Delete an appointment/anniversary: Delete
Displaying/changing/deleting stored appointments
v ¤ É ¤ OK ¤ q Calendar ¤ OK ¤ p Select the desired day. ¤ OK ¤ The
appointment list is displayed. ¤ q Select the desired appointment.
¤View: Display appointment settings, change, if required using Edit.
¤Options: Change settings or delete appointments.
-Edit entry ¤ OK
-Delete entry ¤ OK
-Activate/Deactivate ¤ OK
-Delete all Appoints. ¤ OK ¤ Confirm prompt with Yes.
All appointments for the selected day are deleted.
Alarm clock
Prerequisite: Date and time are set (¢ page 10).
You can activate/deactivate and set the alarm clock as follows:
v ¤ ì ¤ OK ¤ Activation: r On/Off
¤Changing the settings:
-Time: Set the hour and minute for the wake-up time
(time setting ¢ page 10).
-Occurrence: r Daily/Monday-Friday
-Volume: r Volume can be set at 5 levels or crescendo
(increasing volume).
-Melody: r Select a ringtone for the alarm call.
¤Press the display key Save.
When the alarm clock is activated, the icon ¼and the alarm time
is displayed in idle status.
An alarm call is signalled in the display and with the selected ringtone for a maximum of
60 seconds. During a call, the wake-up call is only signalled by a short tone.
Alarm Clock
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