Baby monitor
Deactivating the alarm call/repeating after a pause (snooze mode)
Prerequisite: One alarm call sounds.
¤Deactivating until the next alarm call: Press OFF.
¤Snooze mode:
Press Snooze or any key. The wake-up call is deactivated and then repeated after 5 minutes.
Press nothing. The alarm call is deactivated after 60 seconds and then repeated after
5 minutes. After the fourth repetition, the alarm call is deactivated for 24 hours.
Baby monitor
When the baby monitor is switched on, the stored (internal or external) destination number is
called as soon as a defined noise level is exceeded in the vicinity of the handset. The baby
monitor alarm to an external number is cancelled after approximately 90 seconds.
In baby monitor mode, incoming calls are only signalled on the display (without ringtone). The
display backlight is reduced to 50%. Advisory tones are deactivated. All keys are locked, with the
exception of the display keys and pressing the middle of the control key.
You can answer the baby monitor alarm using the Two Way Talk function. Deactivate/activate
the speaker of the handset with this function.
If you accept an incoming call, the baby monitor mode is suspended for the duration of the call,
but the function remains activated. The baby monitor mode is not deactivated by switching the
handset off and on again.
Ensure the following points:
uThe handset should be positioned 1 to 2 metres away from the baby. The microphone
must be pointed towards the baby.
uActivating the function reduces the operating time of your handset. If necessary, place
the handset in the charger.
uThe baby monitor is activated 20 seconds after switching on.
Please always check the functionality when you switch on:
uTest the sensitivity.
uCheck the connection if you are forwarding the baby monitor alarm to an external num-
uMake sure that the answer machine at the target number is switched off.
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