Baby monitor
Activating/deactivating and setting the
baby monitor
v ¤ É ¤ OK ¤ q Baby Monitor ¤ OK
¤ Activation: r On/Off
¤Setting the baby monitor:
-Send alarm to: r Internal (at least 2 handsets are
registered)/ External
If Internal is selected:
¤ Handset: Press the Change display key. ¤ q Select
handset. ¤ OK
If External is selected:
¤ Number: Enter the number directly or select from
the phonebook (press the display key ö).
-Two Way Talk: r On/Off
-Sensitivity: r High/Low
The target number is displayed in idle status when the baby monitor alarm is activated. The baby
monitor is deactivated using the OFF display key.
Cancelling the baby monitor alarm
Cancelling during a baby monitor alarm: Press a.
Deactivating the baby monitor remotely
Prerequisites: The baby monitor alarm is forwarded to an external destination number.
The recipient's phone supports tone dialling.
¤Accept the baby monitor alarm and press the 9 ; keys.
The call is ended. The baby monitor is deactivated and the handset is in idle status.
INT 1 14 Oct
Baby Monitor
OFF Options
Baby monitor activated
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