En 15
This front surround system allows you to enjoy dynamic sound with videos played on your home TV.
3D surround playback
Surround sound can be heard not only from horizontal directions, but also from varying heights when DTS Virtual:X is used (p. 26).
Transmission of 4K high dynamic range (HDR) video supported
Enjoy high-resolution video from a cable or satellite set top box, or a BD/DVD player. When a TV that supports Audio Return Channel (ARC)
is used, this ARC-compatible unit can be connected to the TV via a single HDMI cable (p. 22).
•HDMI control function
Link TV and unit functions using the TV’s remote control (p. 29).
Bluetooth connection
Easily play content from a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer (p. 30).
Our exclusive Compressed Music Enhancer technology improves sound quality and characteristics, and can be used to enjoy realistic and
impressive sound.
HOME THEATER CONTROLLER, a free app for smartphones, allows you to easily operate the unit using a smartphone (p. 32).
Bass extension
Boost low bass levels to enjoy more powerful sound (p. 27).
•Clear voice
This feature makes speech, such as dialog and narration, clearer (p. 27).
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