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Frequently asked questions
The following section covers popular functions and frequently asked questions about the unit.
Q1 Can I use the TV’s remote control to operate the unit?
A1 Yes. When the unit is connected to a TV via HDMI cable, the
TV’s remote control can be used to operate both the TV and
the unit (p. 29).
Q2 Can I improve the clarity of dialogue?
A2 Yes. Dialogue in movies, TV news, sports programs, etc.,
can be made clearer using the “clear voice” function (p. 27).
Q3 Can I use a smartphone to operate the unit? Can I use a
smartphone to turn the unit on or off?
A3 Yes. The unit can be operated with a smartphone using the
free app, HOME THEATER CONTROLLER, installed on the
smartphone (p. 32).
In addition, the Bluetooth standby function can be used to
turn on the unit when a Bluetooth connection between the
unit and the smartphone is established, and to turn off the
unit when that connection is terminated (p. 32).
Q4 Can the brightness of the indicators be adjusted?
A4 Yes. Use the DIMMER key on the remote control (p. 27).
Q5 How can surround playback be enabled?
A5 Use the SURROUND key on the remote control to select 3D
or surround playback (p. 26).
Q6 Can the subwoofer’s volume be adjusted?
A6 Yes. Use the SUBWOOFER (+/–) keys on the remote
control (p. 28).
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